Store closing sale

Last fall, I attended the Minnesota Blogger Conference. One of the presenters at the conference was Jasmine Brett Stringer, a lifestyle blogger who packed a lot of great content into her presentation. A key takeaway of it for me was about planting seeds—the idea that opportunities are like a seed: you plant it, nourish it, and watch it grow.

The past few months and years, I’ve been planting and nourishing seeds in my both personal and professional life. Many of those seeds are now coming to fruition. It’s an exciting time and each day I’m waking up with a renewed sense of spirit.

Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day. These opportunities require a change in how I spend my time. Thus, I am closing my shop at the end of the month because realistically I can’t do it all. If I’m going to do something, I want to do it well; I don’t believe in doing anything half-ass.

Beginning today, everything in my store is 60% off. If you’ve had your eye on something—get it now. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Will I come back to designing at some point? Possibly, but it will be a while. The best thing to come out of this experience is the relationships I’ve gained with fellow designers and customers.

From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for being an important part of my journey.

New release: Currently


It’s March 1. Already. I know February is the shortest month but man, oh man, did it fly. Things have been really hectic for me which is why you haven’t seen or heard much from me. A family member had surgery, so I’ve been pitching in around their house (cooking, cleaning, etc.) to help keep things running smooth. Fortunately, their recovery is going well and they should be fully healed and back to normal in the next few weeks. It’s definitely taught me never to take my health for granted.

This month’s theme was inspired by a conversation with a friend. We were talking about scrapbooking. It seems we record the big events (birthdays, weddings, graduations, baptisms, confirmation, first communion, etc.) but not necessarily the every day moments. We both thought how nice it would have been to have recorded what our favorites throughout our lives to see how much they’ve changed or remained the same.

From that conversation, I came up with the theme CURRENTLY. This collection is designed around what you’re currently liking, loving, eating, watching, reading, listening to, etc. The collection includes papers, elements, cards, and an alpha and will help you capture the details of your everyday life as well as extraordinary events. All four packs are $1 each through March 7.

Here’s creative inspiration from some of my team

Two from Meg.

One from Stephanie.

And two from Melissa.

Yesterday, I promised you a freebie and here it is. It’s a set of 42 wordbits of the days of the week. Each day is done in the six colors of the collection and is shown at about 90% scale against a 12×12 background. Click on the image below for the direct download.