Terms of Use

Here’s a brief run-down of what you can and cannot do with my designs. Unsure if what you want to do is OK? Contact me or download my TOU files.

The graphics are created at 300 dpi in PNG or JPEG/JPG format as appropriate and can be resized to fit your individual needs.


  • Modify/alter these files to suit your needs (color, size, etc.).
  • Use these digital images in part or in whole in layouts that will be submitted to scrapbooking and related magazines for publication, giving proper credit to Shel Belle Scraps, including any graphics you have altered in any way.
  • Create ONE back-up copy of these files. DO NOT redistribute them to anyone.
  • Create blog, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook or other similar backgrounds for yourself.  Interested in doing that it for others? Contact me, even if you’re doing it for free.
  • S4H/S4O is allowed for card-making, page layouts, and other similar services, as long as the files are given to your client in a flattened JPEG format or printed out. Under NO circumstances are any original kit pieces, PNGs, or layered PSD, TIFF or other files to be redistributed–including but not limited to, quick pages, brag book pages and pre-made clusters.
  • You may NOT use my premade items such as quick pages, brag books or blogwear for your S4H/S4O business. Those items are personal use (PU) only.


  • If it’s not in the DO list, please DON’T do it.  This includes, but isn’t limited to: hot linking, redistributing the files, making logos, designing websites, using in pornographic, harmful, racial, obscene or defamatory works (as deemed by me, Shel of Shel Belle Scraps) or claiming these images as your own. In a nutshell, don’t be a jerk!

For any further questions or clarifications, please e-mail me at: shel@shelbellescraps.com.